Village Of Stewart Manor

Garbage Removal Information

January 05, 2018
Table Of Contents:
Information regarding garbage collection

We are asking for your cooperation to allow for garbage collection in the next few days.


Please move your pails directly to the curb to facilitate the collection of the garbage during this harsh stretch of weather otherwise your garbage will not be collected. 


Please make sure any garbage bags are tied securely and the bags are sturdy.


Residents who are disposing of their Christmas trees may bring them to the curb on their regular garbage day.


In addition, when you use a snow blower, please blow the snow back onto your property rather than into the street so that they can keep the streets safe and as clear as possible. 


If you live near a fire hydrant, please help to keep yourself and your neighbors safe by clearing all snow from around the hydrant to make it accessible.


If you are walking, please wear something very visible so you can be seen and be aware of approaching cars and plows. 


Thank you for your cooperation in all of the above matters.   



Village Hall