Village Of Stewart Manor
 Fair Housing Information 

The Village of Stewart Manor affirmatively furthers Fair Housing

There are various resources available to anyone who feels they have been unfairly treated with regard to Fair Housing. 
Village Administrator
Village of Stewart Manor
Rosemarie A. Biehayn
120 Covert Avenue

Phone: 516-354-1800
Fax: 516-354-1825
Website: /
Contact for fair housing information and referrals.  The links to all related sources of help are on this webpage.
Nassau County Bar Association Free Mortgage Forclosure Legal Consultation Clinics
Reservations are required by calling the Bar Association at 516-747-4070.
Long Island Housing Partnership,Inc.
Information for Home Buyers, Housing Programs, Rental Programs
Long Island Housing Services
Information on Foreclosure Prevntion and Fair Housing
Nassau County Human Rights Commission
Contact for assistance with violations of Nassau County's Fair Housing Law
Nassau County Office of Housing and Community Development
Not-For-Profits who wish to build affordable housing should consult with this office.