Village Of Stewart Manor
 Aircraft Noise Information 

Town-Village Aircraft Safety & Noise Abatement Committee (TVASNAC)

TVASNAC was organized to represent the member Villages from the Town of Hempstead with regard to the issues of aircraft safety and noise.  Stewart Manor is a member of this committee.  Cristina O'Keeffe is our official liaison.
Queens Quiet Skies
Additional information about aircraft noise and safety.
Plane Sense 4 Long Island
Information about FAA / PA / Aviation Activities 
How do I register an aircraft noise complaint?

You may contact the Port Authority's Aircraft Noise Complaint line by dialing 1-800-225-1071 or via the internet:

Although the Port Authority of NY & NJ has no jurisdiction over air traffic routes, procedures or altitudes, it has been a hallmark of the agency to be as responsive as possible to constituency concerns about this important community issue. The new noise complaint system introduced on June 28, 2012 expands the existing program, delivering a more robust, comprehensive and easy-to-use format for members of the community to contact the Port Authority with their concerns, so that they can in turn alert the Federal Aviation Administration with specific information on behalf of residents.

What are the proposed changes / construction to runway 4L/22R that could impact noise in our area?

The proposal itself is 400 pages and is available here:


In accordance with NEPA, The Port Authority is inviting the Public to submit, in writing, comments on the Revised Draft Environmental Assessment prepared for the Runway 4L/22R Improvements Project at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The Port Authority is accepting comment on this Revised Draft EA document until the official comment period for this document closes on November 18, 2013. Comments must be received by close of business on November 18, 2013 in order to be considered.

Comments on this EA should be sent to:

The Port Authority of NY & NJ

225 Park Avenue

South, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10003

Attn: Edward Knoesel.


In addition, comments may be emailed to with the subject heading "JFK RWY 4L-22R EA COMMENT." If you have any questions on this notice please contact Edward Knoesel at address above.  


Citizens comments should reference quality of life, impact of noise on health and that any changes to the airport should require an environmental review or Part 150 study before enacting.


General Infomation (PDF - 533.5 KB)
General Information including complaint hotline numbers, elected official contact information and runway maps.
FAA Call to Action (PDF - 524.1 KB)
Information regarding what you can do to make a difference on airplane noise. 
TVASNAC Newsletter (PDF - 556.8 KB)
TVASNAC Draft (PDF - 954.0 KB)