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Recycling material should be placed at the curb prior to 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning.  The collection alternates between:  1st and 3rd Tuesday for newspapers and cardboard; 2nd, and 4th, (and 5th) Tuesday for all glass, metal and plastics (except those noted below).

Newspapers must be tied into bundles no more than 12" high or put in PAPER bags (no plastic bags). 

All cardboard boxes must be flattened and tied into bundles no longer than 4 feet. Telephone books cannot be recycled and should be placed with your regular garbage.

Plastic, Glass & Metal must be clean, put in your recycling bucket or a recycling garbage pail.  You may include: food and beverage cans, plastic food and beverage containers, unsoiled disposable aluminum pans and aluminum foil, wine, beverage, liquor and juice bottles, food jars, shampoo and detergent bottles, and all plastic food, soap & beverage containers with a bottleneck.


The following items cannot be recycled: All items without a recycling symbol (  ), plastic bags, plastic toys, hangers, aerosols, ceramic items, plastic wrap, oil cans, light bulbs, mirrors, plate glass, flower pots and plant containers, durable cookware and Tupperware, and empty paint cans.


Recycling Calendar 2014 (PDF - 93.5 KB)
Recycling Calander 2016 (PDF - 28.0 KB)