Village Of Stewart Manor

Department of Public Works

Village of Stewart Manor

120 Covert Avenue
Stewart Manor, NY 11530
The Department of Public Works is responsible for collecting sanitation and recycling, cleaning streets, maintaining traffic and street signs, making minor street repairs, removing snow, some tree pruning,  and handling all the odd jobs which the Village is called on to render.
Why was my recycling not picked up?
Please consult the recycling calendar to be sure you had the correct items out for collection (newspapers on the first and third Tuesday, all other Tuesdays are glass, plastic etc.).  Also, please be sure the items were put prior to 6 a.m.  The crews cannot return for items put out late. 
What days are recycling days and what items are collected on recycling day?

Recycling occurs on Tuesdays.  All recycling must be put to the curb prior to 6 a.m. 

Follow this rule: the first and third Tuesdays of the month are Newspaper and Cardboard. All other Tuesdays are Glass, Plastic and Metal.

Please refer to the Recycling Calendar.

Why wasn't my garbage picked up?

1) Perhaps the trash was placed after Department of Public Works crew passed by.  Please make sure all items for pick up are placed by 6 a.m. Crews cannot go back for left trash as they continue on their route and then head to the dump to empty the garbage truck.

2) The Village crew may have not been able to access your garbage (perhaps a gate was locked etc.).  If auch a condition exists, please have it corrected prior to the next collection.  Sometimes gates are locked accidentally.

3) The items may be those that the Village does not collect (paint cans, batteries, computers). For more information call Town of Hempstead S.T.O.P. program at 516-378-2200 for dates and locations.

4) Leaves, grass clippings, and small branches are to be placed in a plastic bag and placed at the curb for pickup on your regular sanitation collection day.

5) If you have any construction material to be picked up such as toilets, vanities, counter-tops, drywall, wood etc., those items are to be taken by the construction company or placed in a dumpster (for which you need a permit) If you have a particular problem with this, please call Village Hall.

6) If you do not know your trash pick-up schedule, please refer to attached garbage collection schedule.

8) If you just moved in, the crew may not have realized that the house is occupied.  Please be sure to call the Village Hall.  We apologize for any oversight.

7) In case of snow, trash cans should be placed at curb. Crews are instructed not to enter a area that is hazardous, such as with ice.



When is bulk trash day?
Bulk trash day is every Wednesday. Bulk items should be placed at the curb for collection prior to 6 a.m. Bulk items consist of: Mattresses, box springs, bundled wood, sofa beds (separate the metal from the sofa), recliners, upholstered chairs, convertible furniture, televisions, storm doors, storm windows, appliances, rugs, shrubbery, etc. Rugs, rug padding, hedge cuttings, tree trimmings, and large shrubbery must be rolled and securely tied in bunches no longer than 4 feet, 18 inches in diameter, and no more than 40 pounds. Large items such as washers, dryers, metal cabinets, air conditioners, etc., will also be collected each Wednesday and must be placed at the curb.  
Who should I call to report a problem with a street light?
To report any street light problems please call Village Hall at 516-354-1800. Village Hall will then contact our outside contractor to repair/replace light. This can take as much as two weeks.
I have an issue with the tree in front of my home that needs to be addressed, who do I call?
Many of the trees located on the strip of grass between the street and sidewalk, or many of the trees located within the first few feet of your lawn, belong to the Village.  Please call the Village Hall at 516-354-1800 to report any such tree that needs trimming, pruning, has dead branches or you believe may be dying.  The tree will be evaluated to see if it is a Village tree and then evaluated to see what/if any work needs to be completed.
What if my trees have branches that are overlapping/tangled up with/hanging on the electrical wires?

You need to call LIPA Tree Trim at 516-792-7131 to report any branch that is located on/near the wires.  LIPA will trim these branches.

What should I do if a tree root is damaging the sidewalk?

The Village is not responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalks in the Village, it is the homeowners' responsibility as per the Village code.  If a sidewalk needs to be replaced, you would need to obtain a sidewalk permit from the Village Hall.  The Village will not remove trees because it appears that the roots have damaged the sidewalk.  If the sidewalk  in question does not belong to you, you may contact the Village Hall to have the building inspector investigate.

Who do I call if I have questions about utilities like water, electricity or gas?

If you have any questions regarding water (dirty water, no water) please call the Water Authority of Western Nassau County at 516-327-4100.


If you have questions regarding electricity or gas please call your utility company.

PSEGLI emergency: 1-800-490-0075

National Grid emergency: 1-800-490-0045