Village Of Stewart Manor

Building Department

Village of Stewart Manor-Building Department
120 Covert Avenue
Stewart Manor, NY 11530
The Building Department is under the jurisdiction of part-time Building and Plumbing Inspector who are appointed annually by the Village Board. The Inspector is charged with the enforcement of the Building Code and the Village Ordinances.

No permit will be issued for incomplete applications. The application must be completed in its entirety. Permits are issued after submission of all required documents and may take four or more weeks for Building Inspector approval.


For permit details please click the Permits & Licenses Info link.

Hours of Operation:

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Monday to Friday 

Ron Doughty
Phone: 516-746-3359
How do I review the information in my building file?
You may come to the Village Hall and fill out a Freedom of Information Request form.  Your request may take up to five days. 
Who do I speak to regarding building projects/permits?

Many questions can be answered by the Village Hall staff who can be reached at 516-354-1800. Any other questions which may require a specific answer will be referred to the Building Inspector. Please refer to the Permit & Licenses Info section of the website for specific permit applications which contain a lot of information.  You can also refer to the Village Code. 


Village of Stewart Manor Building Permit Application.

Please print and fill out this form completely and bring it to the Village Hall. 

Village of Stewart Manor Plumbing Permit Application.

Please print and fill out this form completely and bring it to the Village Hall. 

Village of Stewart Manor Solar Energy System Fast Track Permit Application.

For residential projects only. 

Please print and fill out this form and bring it to the Village Hall. 


Please print and fill out this form and bring it to the Village Hall to obtain access to Village records.  The Village has five days to reply to any such request.
Insurance Requirements (PDF - 284.7 KB)

Village of Stewart Manor Insurance Requirements.

Your contractor should forward the Insurance Requirements Pages (PDF) to their insurance company to ensure the proper certificates are issued.