Village Of Stewart Manor
 Boards & Committees 

Board of Trustees

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The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the Village and is elected for a four-year term.

The duties of The Mayor include presiding  over board meetings, provide for the

enforcement of all laws, rules, and regulations and to cause all violations of these

regulations to be prosecuted. Protect the rights of the village and it's inhabitants/residents. 

Power to declare local emergencies and to engage the resources of the village when

necessary to mitigate the loss of life or property during hazardous or emergency situations.






The Board of Trustees are the legislative body of the Village composed of four trustees under the direction of the Mayor. Trustees are elected for a four-year term. The Board of Trustees of the Village shall have management of Village property and finances, may take all meaures and do all acts, by law, not inconsistent with provisions of the constitution, and not inconsistent with a general law except as authorized by the municipal home rule law, which shall be deemed expedient or desirable for the good government of the Village, its management and business, the protection of its property, the safety, health, comfort and general welfare of its inhabitants, the protection of their property, the preservation of peace and good order, the suppression of vice, the benefit of trade, and the preservation and protection of public works.